Dakimakura Harem is a EU shop I started when I was student just for fun and it's still for fun because what I earn from here is enough to pay my internet, hosting the website and food each month.

Everyone know official dakimakura are expensives, limited and you can wait years to see a character you like on a dakimakura cover but the design may not be like you want. That's why this shop exist, you can find a lot of different dakimakura cover here and choose your fabric. Obviously the designs are not official, it's only original one, replicate (so with less details) or HD pictures shared on internet.

If you like an artist dakimakura cover and he sells it on internet please buy his dakimakura cover because his cover will be really more detailed and beautifull than mine also you will support his work. Artists always put on their twitter/pixiv informations and links to buy their dakimakura cover, it's the same for official anime/game dakimakura :).