- Do not use bleach or chlorine during the wash, just a neutral detergent.

- You can wash your item in a washing machine at cold water and use the delicate program

- The best way to preserve your item is to hand wash it at cold water.
1 Fill a tub with cold water and put some detergent.
2 Immerse your dakimakura in the cold water, get it nice and soapy. Use a toothbrush to remove dirts and spots but do it gently or you will ruin the print.
3 Let it soak about 20 minutes.
4 Remove the water and rinse the dakimakura well and wring it dry as best you can.
5 Hang it up to dry for 8-12 hours.

- Do not use a dryer, iron or anything else to warm up the dakimakura  or you will ruin the print !